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“Truly recommend for all Japanese business professionals in the internationalized global market.”

“I truly enjoyed and appreciate the opportunity to attend sessions with Hayato Yasuzawa during the last 6 months. First, Yasuzawa-san had a perfect experience and background of being business person in an internationalized environment, where I could share a lot of struggles and challenges among a lot of projects. I still believe both of us share many challenges and that is not usual among many business people in the industry, so this was great point that I have found. Second, because of the internationalized background, Yasuzawa-san was able to fully understand how career development mindset would work in global environment, but also to understand how the situation in Japan local market are similar & different in each points. The coaching session was truly credible because of this ability and experience Yasuzawa-san had.
Last but not least, Yasuzawa-san had perfect hybrid culture, of dealing both traditional and internationalized business cultures in Japan. This was helpful as well because he was able to diagnose my challenges from both localized traditional stand point (working relationship with traditional people) AND still not giving up the internationalized modern working culture. And, yet he was very kind and thoughtful thinker and did care both myself and the people around myself. Maybe some people would say, each of the element I have mentioned here are not that much extraordinary, but having all of these together was just extremely precious and significantly important condition.
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank my company to provide this opportunity with me, and truly recommend Yasuzawa-san for all Japanese business professionals who are looking for help under the challenge of shifting career to internationalized global market.”
-Asia Pacific Marketing Manager, a Global Telecom Company